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We can advocate on the behalf of you and your student. We provide you with resources to strengthen your ability to advocate for yourself. We value you and are here to listen to what you have to say. Encourage you to stand up and be recognized as an "INVOLVED PARENT" in your school and community.


Facilitate parent workshops at your request Help you to strengthen your parental involvement programs. Serve As a speaker for school-related events. Help you understand the values of being referred to as an "INVOLVED SCHOOL."


Help you to understand the values of engaging your employees in volunteerism. Show your employees creative ways to remain involved in their child's school from the workplace. Share the values of your business being identified in the community as an "INVOLVED BUSINESS."



Governor Walker Signs Proclamation

PROCLAMATION 2013 – 2014 PROCLAMATION 2012 – 2013

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Governor Kasich Declares National Parental Involvement Day In The State of Ohio

Second Year That Governor Kasich Declares National Parental Involvement Day In The State of Ohio.

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Green Bay Packers Sponsoring National Parental Involvement Day

ALLPARENTSONDECK, would like to thank the Green Bay Packers for sponsoring our National Parental Involvement Day advertising campaign that takes place on November 18-24, 2013. The purpose of the advertisement is to express gratitude to PARENTS for helping their children to achieve their academic goals and for remaining involved in Wisconsin schools. Our schools and

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Finding Those Boots!

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you felt that you couldnÕt live without it? Have you ever lost something and/or someone and became so frustrated because you thought that you had to have that special thing or person? I recently found myself in that situation two weeks ago and wanted to share my

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Drawing A Line Between Privacy

Drawing the line between Privacy and Proper Parenting Written By Sharon Edwards-Billings   I had the pleasure of speaking with a mental health behaviorist about the challenges that parents face, as, technology redefines how younger generations communicate. We discussed how society has changed in the way that we communicate or do not communicate with each

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The Heavens Rejoice!

The Heavens Rejoice! February 11, 2014 Sharon Edwards-Billings Sometimes life has a way of leading us down paths that we don’t always understand, but know that we need to travel.On February 5, 2013, I visit to our daughter’s alma mater was a very special return to a place that was very familiar in many ways.

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