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We can advocate on the behalf of you and your student. We provide you with resources to strengthen your ability to advocate for yourself. We value you and are here to listen to what you have to say. Encourage you to stand up and be recognized as an "INVOLVED PARENT" in your school and community.


Facilitate parent workshops at your request Help you to strengthen your parental involvement programs. Serve As a speaker for school-related events. Help you understand the values of being referred to as an "INVOLVED SCHOOL."


Help you to understand the values of engaging your employees in volunteerism. Show your employees creative ways to remain involved in their child's school from the workplace. Share the values of your business being identified in the community as an "INVOLVED BUSINESS."



Real Men Can Cry!

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My trip to the neighborhood auto store provided me with a life-changing experience and a paradigm shift about men and their ability to cry. There was a handsome father of eight who was standing outside of the store, with nothing but pants and a t-shirt. He had his hands inside of his t-shirt and was

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Never underestimate the power of grief!

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It saddens my heart to read about the plight of the late Whitney Houstons and Bobby Brown’s daughter – Bobbi Kristina Brown. At the time that this post was written; several stories about her health status were printed online and in the newspapers. I refuse to discuss any of those stories out of respect if

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Trust Your Husbands’ Intuition!

The story that is written is not made up or in anyway exaggerated. I can truthfully say that what I am writing, actually happened to me. It is important to state that fact; in lieu of recent developments in the life of a well-known newcaster, whose name I will not print. On several occasions, I

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They Year of 2015, represents another opportunity to get it right!

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We are heading into the second month of a new year – 2015. I, purposely delayed my new years’ salutations and best wishes to my users, because there was so much going on in the world.  I needed to take some time to digest and figure things out, before I could reach out to the

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Governor Walker Signs Proclamation

PROCLAMATION 2013 – 2014 PROCLAMATION 2012 – 2013

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Governor Kasich Declares National Parental Involvement Day In The State of Ohio

Second Year That Governor Kasich Declares National Parental Involvement Day In The State of Ohio.

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