Impacting Lives As A Volunteer.

Please allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude to Nancy Caldwell, who is the Principal at Kennedy Elementary School, as, well as her key staff, who played an integral role in selecting a volunteer from their school, to attend our “MAKING MUSIC TOGETHER” event at the Overture Center.

I am encouraged to continue knocking on doors, sending out emails and asking for the support of INVOLVED SCHOOLS who employ great principals, teachers, and are filled with INVOLVED PARENTS & Community volunteers, like Mr. Dan Rose, who volunteered at Kennedy Elementary School for four days per week.


Event Photographer Madison WI -


Event Photographer Madison WI -

Mr. Rose, was accompanied to our event with his principal, companion and key school staff. Their pride in what he has accomplished with their students, was infectious and left an indelible mark on the hearts of attendees and myself. Mr. Rose is not a parent, but still manages to volunteer his time, skills and expertise to students faithfully, for four days per week and has been consistent at making major academic impacts on the lives of students, through his volunteerism.  It was such an honor to meet this volunteer who has demonstrated a commitment to Kennedy students and teaching staff. He tutored in science, math and literacy on a regular basis. He epitomizes the type of involvement that ALLPARENTSONDECK, has tried to promote in our social media, websites, churches and communities.

Event Photographer Madison WI -


Event Photographer Madison WI -

Several weeks, after the event at the Overture Center; I was fortunate enough to go to Kennedy Elementary School and present a plaque to Mr. Rose, without knowing that the day I arrived was his last day as a volunteer at his school. The principal allowed me to present him with his plaque in front of 500+ students, who sat attentively on the playground, as, I publicly thanked him for his service as an American soldier who was wounded in Afghanistan and as a volunteer who has impacted so many lives at this school. It warmed my heart as the children came up to say goodbye and to thank him for volunteering at their school. The pride that teaching staff had for this man was evident by all of the cameras and I-PHONES that were in position as we presented him with his recognition. He moved to another city, but his willing spirit and the service that he consistently provided to so many children will never be forgotten at Kennedy Elementary School.

Our schools are filled with great volunteers who continue make positive impacts on the lives of others. We will do our part to encourage more schools to recognize their volunteers during the school year.


Email Sharon Billings to find out what you can do to get involved and support our organization:, or to volunteer in your local school and community. 


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