Dead Men Matter too!

Our nation and world is witnessed yet another an ignominious act of violence towards one group of men and a retaliation of violence on police officers in Dallas,Texas. As, we prepare to enter a new school year; I think about the precarious position that teachers will find themselves in.

The need to engage in long talks about racial injustice and increased hatred of police officers in our society.

I just hope that our children learn truths!

Police Line Do Not Cross Yellow Headband Tape and Orange flashing and revolving light. Murder Scene Police Ribbon.

The nation witnessed a cold-blooded murder of an African-American gentleman, at the hands of a white police officer, during a routine traffic stop for a busted tail light.

It’s not necessary for me to repeat the story nor pretend to be the judge and jury for the decedent. Neither will  trying to understand why another African-American man would take matters into his own hands and murder five police.

SWAT officer in full tactical gear.

In response to the recent shooting and their perceptions of racial injustices; Some citizens chant a popular slogan -“Black Lives Matter”. Some people don’t like to hear that because they feel that it is divisive to hear this affirmation. Others, respond with their own chant ‘All Lives Matter’. It is important to note that Death of Any Life is a sad reality and no matter what their skin color is or their reputation, occupation or political affiliation; – the loss of life for all mankind matters. Death does not have a status! The only status that can be attributed to the senseless deaths of each person is WRONG!

two policemen in front of flag

In the eyes of God, one Dead man is the same as another man.  Let our nation mourn the loss of each individual and endure the all

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