“Every bit Helps”.

I try to make note of interesting things that people share with me or that I overhear throughout the course of my day. Here is an experience that you might enjoy reading?

A middle-age woman appeared at the counter in one of my favorite retail establishments. She was expressing gratitude to the salesperson for adding the additional fifteen percent 15% discount to her sale. The woman was digging into her purse while also telling the young lady that she is a school teacher, who was trying to buy clothes on a very limited budget.

I’m still thinking about her and many others teachers, who struggle to make ends meet and  who can’t afford a complete wardrobe for the first weeks of school. I am grateful for every teacher who comes to their job, prepared  and determined to provide each student with the skills that they need to achieve academic success, despite their own financial shortfalls. We take so much for granted, especially when we have everything that we need. I have a suggestion for all interested parties. 



Include a small card with a monetary donation with your student’s school supplies.

Take the time to mail a card with words of thanks to the teacher.

Volunteer your time at school or go on a field trip.

Help your child with his social skills and self-control and listening skills. 

Call the school and share something positive about your student’s teacher.

Acknowledge the efforts of support staff who spend time in the classroom.

Donate to the benevolent fund at your local church or mail a payment to a local school. 

I hope that you are moved after reading this post? It is my hope that you will feel encouraged to do something to support a teacher in your school. Don’t forget that “every little bit helps” as you prepare for back to school shopping. For those parents, who are empty nesters, schools can use your help and donations, too.



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