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In many parts of communities, college students are moving in and settling into their class schedules and new routines. Parents, are breathing a sigh of relief because their children have gone back to school. Other parents are still at home taking care of younger children, and figuring out how to balance their kindergartner’s short school schedule into their routine.┬áTeachers are settled behind their desks and welcoming new and former students into their classroom. College professors are patiently listening to students plead to be allowed to enroll in their class.

No matter what we can see with the naked eye, let us not loose sight of how much preparation goes into the first few days of school. If your student’s bus arrived late – plan ┬áto wait a little bit longer and not leave them at the stop. Don’t call the principal’s office to complain. Try to exercise some patience if your student does not have their favorite teacher, or is not in the same class as their friends. Change and conflict resolution is one of the cornerstones of the educational system, that is imbedded into every lesson we will study and learn from.

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Parents of college students understand this concept only too well and expect their students to figure things out, in the weeks and days to come. It is in everyone’s best interest to try to remain patient with each other, especially teachers, who have children of their own and are managing major stress in their classrooms. Let us all take a breath and figure out what we can do to make ourselves part of the solution and not create more problems for staff who are underpaid, under appreciated, and overworked. Try to enjoy the time that you have with your students, other parents and their teachers, because it will be over before you know it.

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