Good over the Bad!

We all know what happened to the People of Texas on Friday, August 25, 2017. Hurricane Harvey made landfall around 11:00 pm and devastated cities, towns, homes and dumped 50+ inches of rain on the State of Texas. The City of Rockport, Dominican, Houston and other areas were decimated by flood waters, high winds and non-stop rain. Prior to the arrival of the catastrophic hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey, the news stations were reporting on the death of a young lady, who was murdered by a deranged person, who is now awaiting trial for his actions. The somber pain that permeated many parts of the United States, took backseat to an incredulous rainstorm that damaged homes and caused thousands to evacuate from their homes.

Suddenly, our focus changed from a group of silly white boys, who had nothing better to do than hide in white sheets, march along the streets and fight with other protestors, for what is still stupid and unclear reasons. The images of those sad souls that were constantly shown on television, were quickly replaced with more white boys, men, soldiers and government officials, who had a different agenda. They came together along with other men from every ethnic groups in Houston, Texas and went about the business of saving lives, not taking them away. These men rallied together, no matter what their racial, ethnic, social, religious differences and pulled others out of water. They showed the world that there are more white men who know how to man up, love others, lay their lives on the line and save others, than the few scumbags who didn’t have the courage to show their faces at times, while protesting and arguing with non-violent protestors.

The lesson that I learned from the bravery of these men is that the world does contain spectrums of evil, hateful people who live to wreak havoc on the lives of others. But, the numbers of those who love others, sacrifices themselves to help others, who are here to protect and serve others is much greater and more powerful than the microcosm of evil men. I choose to continue to focus my attention on the actions of so many who worked into the wee hours of the night to rescue families post Hurricane Harvey. The positive outcomes of their actions are far more important and worthy of mention that the other ┬áminute’ group that I choose not to dwell on any longer.

For those who lose track and choose to recapitulate negative memories of the past, turn on your television or tune into You Tube and focus your attention on so many who are now looked upon as heroes to others. Their actions spoke louder than words and seemed to say ‘I love you and am willing to die to save your life. That to me is a powerful, more deserving and special description of those white men who showed up to rescue Hurricane Harvey victims. Let us never lose sight of the dangers of putting one group of people into a negative category, without first thinking about the millions of others who don’t fit that stereotype. All men are not born to be evil, but born to give love and to be loved. I am grateful that I know the difference and the world just learned this important lesson too. Thank you to every man and women who put their life on the line to help others. Your valor will never be forgotten.

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