We are Back!

It is with great pride and exultation that we share our revised website with you. We wanted to provide you with a user-friendly format and also include updates about our organization. We would like to personally thank Sam Williams ll for his technical expertise and for believing in our goals. Sam, availed his technical services to ALLPARENTSONDECK, for a nominal fee and supported our vision all of the way. It is individuals like him that made it worthwhile to chug away at our computer and patiently wait for the day when we could remove the Maintenance On, button.  I hope that you enjoy the information, music and resources regarding parental involvement that we are providing to our users. If, there is something  that you would like to see more of, do not hesitate to send us an email and inform us. The recent hurricanes that devastated the southern part of our country, coupled with earthquakes in Mexico, floods in Bangladesh, India and surrounding areas, are excellent ways for you to make a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you Sam for believing in our vision and for your Volunteer Services to ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC. 

We will continue to work hard to share our messages with the public and more schools, about expressing gratitude for volunteers and parents who are actively involved in their schools. We hope to shift the paradigm of our educational system and no longer operate from the deficit-model, as, it relates to parental involvement and family engagement. There are far too many parents, who overlooked for the positive things that they are doing for our schools, teachers and students. The time is now to build, exhort and celebrate their positive virtues and commitment to our schools.

As, you think about the balance of this year and the 2018 school year, don’t forget about the power of literacy and how it can positively impact the life of a child. Give of your time and resources to our schools and know that the life that you educate today, is the life you will prepare for tomorrow and all of its’ challenges. Get Involved and enjoy the opportunity to be a blessing to someone, something or to a cause.

Remember our slogan: WE”RE INVOLVED & PROUD OF IT!

Sharon Edwards-Billings, is the Founder of ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC. She can be reached via email: info@allparentsondeck.com or telephone (608) 515-7309. 

Songwriter, Lyricist, Producer - "WE'RE GETTING INVOLVED" (2015)

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