Madison Metropolitan School Board Meeting 10/29/2018

This photo represents young children who fill up our classrooms, on a daily basis in search of academic success.

Their parents are the reason that they are able to attend school and make great strides towards the completion of high school and college.


The Madison School Board understands the value of having great parents and volunteers in their school district. On Monday, October 29, 2018 the Board will resolve to create a district-wide resolution to recognize Thursday, November 15, 2018 as Parental Involvement Day.

ALLPARENTSONDECK, will attend the meeting and thank the Board for acknowledging the value of recognizing positive parental and community involvement. This is a standard that most districts should strive for as the norm in years to come. A Parent needs all of the support that they can get, as they navigate their students onto roads that lead to academic success!

Thank you to Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham and her amazing School Board Members!

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