ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC, is a unique grassroots parent and student advocacy organization that advocates for changes in school policy and for state legislation that recognizes the positive involvement levels of parents and volunteers, during the school year.  Sharon Edwards-Billings, is the Founder of this organization. She is also a wife,  librarian, songwriter, producer of educational songs and the mother of 3 beautiful daughters. She holds a  Graduate Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an Undergraduate Degree from the California State University – Fullerton in Political Science,  She is bilingual and reads, writes and speaks Spanish fluently. 

During her early childhood education, she found solace in her ability to attend school everyday. The realization of a place that was safe and out of the range of much of the chaos that permeated her family, is what provided balance and a commitment to academic excellence. She loved to read encyclopedias, journals, magazines and a plethora of different novels, as, a very young child. Her freedom to soar and achieve academic excellence was encouraged by a father, who had a 3rd grade education. That didn’t stop him from encouraging academic excellence in their home. Both parents, were involved in all of the children’s schools. It was in fifth grade that she learned about the power of parental involvement in the life of their children. That lesson permeated her being and played a significant role in her drive and passion for encouraging parental involvement in schools throughout the United States.

Her personal experiences as a parent, also helped her to understand the challenges that other parents and students face during the school year.  Her previous experiences as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), for the  Los Angeles Superior Court / Child Advocates Office, and her  foster parent experience to severely troubled adolescent females, strengthened her resolve to support parents, as they advocate for the needs of their students.  The ability to effectively respond to parents’ calls for support is the cornerstone of this organization, and something that she is very proud of. 

ALLPARENTSONDECK, uses creative approaches to share positive stories about parental involvement in schools. 

For more information contact Sharon Edwards-Billings via email: or via telephone (608) 515- 7309