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ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC uses creative approaches to keep the message about positive parental involvement relevant to schools administrators, teachers and state legislators, Schools, are encouraged to create programs or events that recognizes their volunteers and parents during the school year.

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Sharon Edwards-Billings, is the Founder of an exciting grassroots parent and student advocacy organization called ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC. She is a mother of three young adults and is married. She spends her spare time walking, playing tennis, writing music, producing songs and learning how to play the piano. Her ability to serve as advocate for families, is based upon years of experience as a Court Appointed Special Advocate – CASA, for the Superior Court of Los Angeles and Dane County CASA. She worked for over ten years in state and federal emergency management as a Human Resource Officer. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science. She writes, speaks and reads spanish fluently.

The first parents and students during the school year, to address through their school perceived barriers that limits the student’s ability to achieve his/her academic goals. The level of support that we provide to parents remains until they develop the confidence to serve as advocates for their student.

PARENTS, are encouraged to remain involved and engaged in their student’s academic journey. We offer additional layers of support to parents to address and remove perceived barriers that limits the student’s ability to complete his/her academic goals.

SCHOOLS, are encouraged to review their practices and consider creative approaches that recognized the positive levels of parental involvement in schools, along with volunteers who give so much of their time to teachers and students.

LEGISLATORS, respond in kind to our advocacy efforts and create legislation that recognizes NATIONAL PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT DAY in our schools. That recognition is in the form of a proclamation that is drafted and shared with corresponding schools in that particular district.

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