ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC., uses creative approaches to provide support to families, schools and community members. In the past our focus was directly correlated to parents in schools and their students. We always knew that there were two other sections of parents who also could benefit from a different form of support from our organization. The school closures created an opportunity to expand our support levels in creative ways.

Six years ago, I met on a regular basis with Business Mentor Linda Davis, through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Business School (NAME) that offered ongoing assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs like me. The ideas for a new program were shared and encouraged me to immediately launch my new business concept. I never felt comfortable with a launch and tabled the matter in the back of my mind, while working and supporting my daughter’s effort to complete graduate school. I justified my decision based upon the level of commitment that I already had towards work and my family.

Fast forward to 2020, the shutdown of our world for business purposes, schools, restaurants, retail establishments and a continuum of economic uncertainty, homelessness for many and resurgence of food kitchens with families driving up for food donations, unlawful shootings by rogue cops, increases in crimes and COVID-19. On, March 9, 2020, our Governor closed down all non-essential businesses to curb the spread of a virus that swept the world in a deadly way. I worked with my primary employer and that day and never returned again for the entire year. (NOTE IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN T-SHIRT INSERT HERE)

Suddenly, I was unemployed, unoccupied and as concerned as others in society were about the direction of our country after the unmerciful killing of Mr. Floyd In Minneapolis, Minnesota. As, many parts of the world erupted in violence, riots, fires and public protests, my heart hurt for the hatred that was brewing in many communities nationwide. It was then that I knew that the time had come for me to do something that I had put off for several years. There were no more excuses – only an abundance of endless time with no agenda for the norm in sight.

I asked God one early morning about the date for beginning my launch of EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A MARGARET- E.W.N.A.M. He spoke to me as clearly as day and said January 29, 2021. That was in November 2020, in the midst of COVID-19, increases in deaths and no direct contact with others for fear of spreading the disease. My usual forms of advocacy, business contacts and modus of operandi were handicapped by these limitations.

Nonetheless, I operated in faith and began the process of reaching out to my network of women who fit the role of a MARGARET. I explained the vision that I had for the program and asked them to participate. From that point, I reached to out to another group of women who would serve as Matches and shared my vision with them. Each person with the exception of two said yes and completed their paperwork in post haste.

On January 29, 2021, I boldly launched the EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A MARGARET- E.W.N.A.M. program with approximately sixteen participants. i do not have words to describe the elations that women are expressing to me about the program and how “GOD SENT” it is for their lives. Each person, has shared their belief in the program and have settled into their MARGARET OR Match roles. Each person agrees to share their feelings bout the program in the form of a confidential audio recording soon.

Each voice that is identified as ‘VOICEDEMARGARET (#1 – 16) will be available for your perusal in the early weeks of March. The names and identities of each participant will remain confidential, as, they share their experiences under a pseudo name. Who they are is not nearly as important as what they will become after sixty days of participation in the EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A MARGARET PROGRAM – E.W.N.A.M. Check out their stories on our new blog – CONFIDENTIALLY SPEAKING during the first week in March.

It is my sincere prayer that something that is said will prick your heart and encourage you to consider enrolling in this CROSS CULTURAL PROGRAM FOR MATURE-MINDED WOMEN. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing more about the program in the immediate future.

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