ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC, describes INVOLVED PARENTS as those who are actively involved in their student’s school.

Dear Involved Parents,

Their comes a time in the school year, especially during this national pandemic when something goes wrong or continues to concern you about your student’s academic training. If, you have already tried to address the matter but are disappointed in the outcome, I can support you and help you to advocate on behalf of your student. Many parents have asked for our help and are report that they are happy about the outcomes. You are not the only parent who needs some support. We have experienced similar challenges as parents ourselves and will walk you, as, you address your concern. We will provide you with great advocacy services for FREE.

How it Works!

You can request our assistance, sign necessary releases and ask ALLPARENTSONDECK, to ascertain basic information on your behalf, make phone calls and/or attend Zoom meetings with you. Your information remains confidential and we are prepared to support you, until the perceived barrier is addressed or removed. We close your file when you feel that the matter is addressed, or until you develop a satisfactory level of confidence to advocate on behalf of your student. We are here to support you. Note: We reserve the right to refuse requests for advocacy services.

‘Parents, are the driving force that navigates students onto roads that lead to academic success.” S. Edwards-Billings

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WE-THE-PARENTS, in order to form a better school system that is committed to educating our students and preparing them to meet the academic and employment challenges of the future, we must acknowledge our roles as Parents, who serve as “The Driving Force Behind Every Student’s Ability to Achieve Academic Success.”

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WE-THE-PARENTS, will make every effort to increase our visibility within our schools and strengthen our partnerships with educators, administrators and any other support staff, who works directly with our students. We must encourage, exhort, and also hold school staff responsible for performing their job duties with the highest level of excellence and professionalism throughout the entire school year.

WE-THE-PARENTS, will commit ourselves to our local schools in the form of volunteering, advocating and/or supporting our students and teachers throughout the school year, by increasing our attendance at Parent- Teacher Conference nights, Family Nights, and other school-related events that our students participate in.

WE-THE-PARENTS, will remain steadfast in our efforts to acknowledge, identify, support and encourage other parents who ask for our assistance within our local school. We will do our best to provide support to them, until they develop confidence in their ability to stand firm and self-advocate for their student within the academic arena without wavering or abandoning their commitment to their student and/or their school.

WE-THE-PARENTS, will constructively communicate our needs to our employers and also regularly engage them in appropriate levels of dialogue for the purpose of removing employment barriers that prevent or limit our ability to remain actively engaged in our student’s academic journey.

WE-THE-PARENTS, acknowledge that positive changes in our student’s schools are less likely to occur if we abandon our post and allow others to direct them onto roads that lead to academic success. We promise to strengthen our commitment to our student’s education and to make sure that we are completely entrenched in all matters related to their academic journey. We will review their homework assignments, oversee research projects and communicate regularly with their teachers in an effort to increase our visibility in their schools.

We acknowledge that “Parents are the Driving Force Behind A Student’s Ability To Achieve Academic Success.”

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