Many parents, express feelings of guilt because of  their commitments to work, home and their schools. They say that it is hard to balance the needs of their family and still find time to visit their student’s school. We understand the dilemma that parents face and want you to know that you are not alone. Students, have  many obligations beyond the classroom experience and need their parents to help them fulfill those commitments. It is always great when parents can connect with their student’s teacher. Family engagement and parental involvement manifests itself in many ways and does not only mean visiting your child’s school.  Check out this list of things that you can do to Get Involved. 


Purchase clothing items for a student and share them with the classroom teacher. 

Volunteer to Read to a Student.

Volunteer to Tutor a Student.

Mentor A Student.

Volunteer as a Speaker at a School.

Purchase School Supplies and Donate to the Classroom Teacher.


Participate in the ‘TAKE YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL DAY”. 

Ask Schools How You Can Donate Resources, Time and Money.

Purchase Textbooks For a College Student.

Volunteer as a Host Family For International Students.

Volunteer to Read to Senior Citizens in Care Facilities

Volunteer your Child-Care Services to NEW & OLD Parents. 

Invite A Parent that you don’t know well for coffee/tea/lunch. 

Speak To Parents that you are less familiar with in school and the community. 


Donate books and magazines to families

Volunteer your time at neighboring Literacy Center.

Know what your neighborhoods school’s are planning, to celebrate volunteers and parents, during the school year.

Invite another parent to attend school-related events.

Speak to another parent that you would normally – never speak to.

Do your part to help create a Parent-Friendly School and make ALL PARENTS feel welcome and included. 



Volunteers & Parents deserve credit for helping our teachers and students  too!

Community Volunteers & Parents are Needed For Our 2nd Annual Event

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 Purchase our song  “WE’RE GETTING INVOLVED :

Participate in Our  School Music Donation Program 

Nominate A Parent or Volunteer At Your School.

We need your help to identify parents and volunteers who are doing great things in more schools. Be our eyes and ears and share your positive stories with ALLPARENTSONDECK. This is a simple way to get involved. Tell Us Your Story. 

Ask What You Can To Celebrate PARENTS & VOLUNTEERS at your school! 

There is always something that you can do to help our schools celebrate parents and volunteers throughout the school year. Call your local school and express your interest in helping them to do their part. As what you can do to strengthen their volunteer program. Get Involved.


ALLPARENTSONDECK, provides additional layers of support to parents for FREE. Your donation will allow our organization to continue to respond to the needs of more parents. Your donation will help us to continue to  encourage more parents to get involved in their student’s academic journey and continue to support them as they advocate for their student’s needs.

Thank you in advance for your support!

  • “The help that you provide to a child, school or teacher positively impacts communities”.