Join Us Nov 13, 2018

Making Music Together! (Please RSVP asap)

In recognition of National Parental Involvement Day, ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC will host our annual Award Ceremony for parents and volunteers, who support teachers and students throughout Wisconsin.

The night will consist of Drama, Music and Special Guest Speakers.

Don’t miss the parents singing our theme song ‘WE’RE GETTING INVOLVED’ which will be directed by Music Teacher (STEPHEN ELEMENTARY) Regina Haugen.


You must RSVP before 11/9/2018

National Parental Involvement Day

Governor Scott Walker declares the 3rd Thursday of November  as “National Parental Involvement Day.”

For the past six years, ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC has advocated for Wisconsin schools to join 44 other schools, that celebrate parents and volunteers in our schools, on the 3rd Thursday of November.

Governor Scott Walker and his staff have religiously provided our office with a proclamation to share with schools throughout the State, in hopes that they will create events that recognize their positive stakeholders and volunteers. Thank you to the staff of the Governor of Wisconsin – Scott Walker for supporting our organization’s efforts to celebrate volunteerism in our schools.

Nominate Volunteers for Recognition

2018 Parents and Volunteers Nomination Form
Teachers, Principals & Support Staff are able to nominate volunteers for recognition at the 3rd Annual MAKING MUSIC TOGETHER event, which will be held at the Overture Center on November 13, 2018. This form must be completed and returned to Sharon Edwards-Billings at no later than Monday, November 5, 2018.

INVOLVED SCHOOLS  fare better than the rest.

   INVOLVED SCHOOLS, promote school policies that recognize positive family engagement, volunteerism and parental involvement. 

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Encourages positive communication with the teacher and  both parents: custodial and non-custodial. 


They have a winning formula for keeping parents engaged, informed and involved in their school. 

 They celebrate PARENTS & VOLUNTEERS for their service. 

They encourage the input of involved parents regarding school policies and planning sessions. 

What are some of the things that your school is doing to recognize INVOLVED PARENTS & Volunteers?

Please feel free to send an email to info@allparentsondeck and share your school stories.