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We can advocate on the behalf of you and your student. We provide you with resources to strengthen your ability to advocate for yourself. We value you and are here to listen to what you have to say. Encourage you to stand up and be recognized as an "INVOLVED PARENT" in your school and community.


Facilitate parent workshops at your request Help you to strengthen your parental involvement programs. Serve As a speaker for school-related events. Help you understand the values of being referred to as an "INVOLVED SCHOOL."


Help you to understand the values of engaging your employees in volunteerism. Show your employees creative ways to remain involved in their child's school from the workplace. Share the values of your business being identified in the community as an "INVOLVED BUSINESS."




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“Making Music Together” – 11/20/2015

Parents, please join ALLPARENTSONDECK for live music, food and guest speakers at the Steinway Piano Gallery – Madison, Wisconsin. POSTER-ALLPARENTSONDECK Representatives from the Foundation for Music in Schools will present information and applications for the piano donation. Our guest speakers represent a spectrum of professions and will discuss the value of music education in the

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Madison Metropolitan School Board Recognizes Parents and Volunteers

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Madison Schools will join eighteen other states that annually recognize parents and volunteers for their commitment to students and schools. Each school can elect to create their individual way to express gratitude on Thursday, November 19 and throughout the school year. Stay Tuned for more stories about this exciting day!

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A Student’s Perspective – “I don’t know the answer”.

Dear ALLPARENTSONDECK, Word is out in my school that your site is cool and that students can post and not be afraid. I want to share with you my thoughts on what my teachers does that discourages me. Whenever, I ask my teacher a question, he always tells me that I should know the answer

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Governor Scott Walker Issues Proclamation for Wisconsin Schools!

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The year of 2015, has proven to be a busy year for the Governor of Wisconsin. He worked with the legislators on the 2015  budget, as, well as other pressing matters and then declared his bid for the 2016 Presidential Race.  He put up a good fight but, the luck of the draw resulted in

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