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Our decision to create a parent and student advocacy organization was based upon our realization that some parents, participated in school events and their student’s academic journey more than other parents. We didn’t quite understand the reasons why there was a demonstrated disparity in parental involvement in some schools,  and more involvement in other parent groups.

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What we did know when we decided to create our organization, is that we wanted to do our part to raise the consciousness of more parents to get involved in their student’s academic journey and to also encourage them to attend school events, whenever they deemed it possible.

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The name translates to a belief that EVERYONE is needed and that involved Parents, and volunteers are worth their weight in gold to schools and communities.

what does it mean?

   All=       every.                                

PARENTS = persons who are responsible for students.

 ON =        State of  Mind” of many involved parents.

DECK =     the foundation of learning or Our Schools.