Death doesn’t have a status.

I am not trying to be disrespectful or irreverent to anyone and their families,  at a time when our nation and world is reeling and rocking from,  an ignominious act of violence towards one group of men and a retaliation of violence towards another group of men. I think about the precarious position that teachers will find themselves in several weeks. I just hope that children learn the truth!

Police Line Do Not Cross Yellow Headband Tape and Orange flashing and revolving light. Murder Scene Police Ribbon.

The nation witnessed a cold-blooded murder of an African-American gentleman, at the hands of a white police officer, during a routine traffic stop for a busted tail light. It’s not necessary for me to repeat the story nor to attempt to  to play or pretend to be the judge and jury for the decedent. Neither will  trying to understand why another African-American man would take  into his own hands and kill and cold-blooded murder five police.

SWAT officer in full tactical gear.

Some citizens’ crying for this recognition resonates with words that are for some polarizing –  “Black Lives Matter”. Some people don’t like to hear that because they feel that it is divisive to hear this affirmation.  No matter, their reputations, or occupation – each man that lost his life has family members, who are stuck with the dastardly reality that  they are dead.

two policemen in front of flag

I wish that everyone in our world knew that death does not have any status. One Dead man is the same as the other man – each person is dead! Our nation mourns the loss of each death and we all suffer the consequences  of every death, as one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.