Springtime is Here


There are signs in the air that Springtime is right around the corner in many regions of  our nation. We are looking forward to warmer weather and opportunities to share our vision for ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC  with many of you. We are here to answer questions that you might have and to help you understand how important you -(THE PARENTS) are to our schools, communities and businesses.

Our organization is quite different in that we are not here to Sell a Product per se, but to motivate and encourage greater levels of involvement in schools and community organizations that support the needs of students and their families. We use creative approaches to accomplish this goal and spread the positive message about parental involvement to more parents and schools.

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Sharon Edwards-Billings


I’m Back!

2016 proved to be an incredibly challenging year, for my family and me.

‘We weathered a windstorm that blew off part of our siding on our home’, leaving the upper attic area exposed to the elements. Thank God for our neighbor who alerted us to the situation.

Shortly,  thereafter, another storm brought down our 20+ Blue Spruce tree in our backyard.

The final straw was in August 2016, when a toilet water surge travelled down three stories through our home and devastated our lives for the past six months.

I worked for eight years with a federal agency in Emergency Management to deploy employees to disaster-stricken areas, for the purpose of helping families recover from manmade disasters. The sympathetic approach of working to restore order to chaos, was reciprocated to myself and my family.

We had an incredible group of men who were assigned to the Mitigation/Recovery phase. They were so professional and patient throughout the process of tearing down what we spent years building throughout  our home. I silently stood by and witnessed them work their magic to clean up our walls, rebuild subfloors and make sure our home was safe and clean at its core again.

The process tested our resolve to handle one problem after another. My husband took the brunt of this new ordeal and became very ill. I had to sit back and watch my Rock of Gibraltar fall to a low point and couldn’t control any part of his journey. In time, he recovered and bounced back to his former self.

We are still in the renovation stage and are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Several people have said to me “That we will have a new house” and to that I think, we will finally have #ORDER. It is a very important aspect of being a family to maintain an ordered and harmonious living environment. I am striving for that goal and thank my readers for your patience throughout this process.

My attempts to post were stymied by fatigue, weariness, contractor visits after contractors, traipsing throughout every inch of our home. At the end of the day; all I could do was to crawl into bed and pray for strength to endure whatever was going to happen on the next day.

My prayers were answered because I am back at my post.

I am looking forward to sharing exciting information about incredible parents, community volunteers, plans to share our song with more schools and opportunities for you to increase your involvement in schools and community organizations. Our schools need you and I need you too. I’M BACK!