About Us?

ALLPARENTSONDECK, is an organization that was formed in 2003 by Sharon Edwards-Billings.

 She completed her graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin School of Library and Information Studies, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, from the California State University – Fullerton. She is married and is also the mother of three daughters. She  worked for eight (8) years as a Disaster Assistance Employee – (DAE) with the Federal Emergency Management Agency – (FEMA). She served for ten years as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) with the Superior Court of Los Angeles- Child Advocate Office and also worked for a shorter period of time with the Dane County CASA program.


Sharon, mentored severely emotionally disturbed females through the Children Come First Program and Family Works program.  She has served as a foster mother with the Dane County Foster Care Program,  to teen girls. Every teen  successfully completed their education in Madison Schools. She has a passion for literacy and would like for every child to succeed in school and believes in ALLPARENTS, and their ability to support our schools and help children to achieve their academic goals. For the past three years, she has successfully advocated for legislation from Governor Scott Walker, Governor Jerry Brown-California,  Governor John Kasich- Ohio, that would encourage states and schools to recognize parents on National Parental Involvement Day.

Kevin Walker, Esq.,  is the Founder and creator of Project Appleseed.org and created National Parental Involvement Day and Public Volunteer Week in 1996. National Parental Involvement Day occurs on the 3rd Thursday of November and is recognized by fifteen other states on an annual basis.

In 2010, He asked Sharon to serve as the spokesperson for Wisconsin schools throughout the school year. She answered the call 3 years ago and is passionate about spreading the message to schools to annually recognize ALL-PARENTS, who take an active role in their student’s academic journey and school.For more information about NATIONAL PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT DAY AND TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK visit www.projectappleseed.org.